Early Stage Investments

We support ideas and visionars from the beginning by providing capital as well as network added value.

Shaping and Empowering

Our network connects ideas, developers, capital, regulators, and financial institutes.

From Extreme to Mainstream

Leading joint ventures with traditional banks, sandbox initiatives, regulators, and financial service providers.

Adding the FIN to the Tech

Founded by a group of angels and strategic investors, Fincubator.vc is a Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, venture capital firm that backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology. We invest in seed- to late-stage companies, and in both consumer and enterprise technology companies focusing on financial services and solutions.

Fincubator.vc invest in passionate founders building innovative financial products and services that solve substantive problems in financial services, and that do so in a socially responsible way.

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Fincubator.vc is defined by respect for the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial company-building process: we know what it’s like to be in the founder’s shoes. The firm is led by partners who are former founders/operators, CEOs, or CTOs of successful technology companies, and who have domain expertise ranging from core coding to crypto to distributed systems to security to marketplaces to financial services.

We aim to connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, industry experts, law makers, regulators, finance centers, financial institutions and others in the technology and finance eco-system.

We have built a network of experts including technical and executive talent; top media and marketing resources; top-tier innovative companies; as well as other technology decision-makers, influencers, and key opinion leaders.

Fincubator.vc uses this network as part of its commitment to help companies grow their business, providing entrepreneurs with access to expertise and insights across the entire spectrum of financial products and financial services