For over 20 years, Fincubator.vc has been involved in several of the more important strategic developments in what has come to be called FinTech. We invest strategically and for the long-term: normally at Early Stage  (Seed and Series A);  typically at USD 1million – USD 5 million.   

We are neither Thematic-  nor Thesis-driven. We look to Founders to paint their picture of the future. We just want to help them get there.

We evaluate each proposition on its merits. We expect cutting-edge technology, ground-breaking business models, and global scale. We are eager to go against conventional thinking and challenge the status quo. We welcome disruptive ideas, though often disruption is a means not an end. We are comfortable with taking risk – measured risk - in the context of potential return.

But we are focused solely on FinTech.